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Rosewood Funeral Home

Eco Funeral Options

The funeral industry is beginning to mirror the rest of society, where people are becoming more aware of the earth, and their part in it.  In former years people who recycled were ‘hippies’.  Now it seems most people recycle, buy the odd organic vegetable, free range egg, and care about the earth’s conservation.  It is only natural then, that funeral’s should have ‘eco-friendly’ options for people to choose from.  As a company we want to give people these choices.  

If there are things you believe should be on this list of eco-friendly options, ask us – we enjoy a challenge, and will try to come up with solutions for you.

Artisan Casket


Eco caskets minimise resource use (including energy) and avoid the use of toxic materials. Ply wood caskets such as the Artisan consume fewer trees than solid timber caskets, and less glue than MDF based caskets.


Locally Made Products 

Oil Finished Untreated Pine Casket made by a local Wairarapa joiner.  Pine is a well-managed plantation tree, and it can provide a renewable resource providing dependable supply for generations to come.  Caskets made from Pine are Ecologically Sustainable.

Wooden Urns made by a local Wairarapa joiner.

Turned Urns made by a local wood turner (made from a variety of timbers) .


“ModUrns” ashes receptacles which are made from natural materials including silk, leather, and handmade paper, designed help families scatter ashes or to keep them at home in a beautiful handmade “remembrance box”

Office Printer used for all service sheets and day to day office use is carbon zero using soya ink.


We use one of the most environmentally friendly Crematoriums in the world. It uses a process where all exhaust gases are re-ignited to ensure that the discharges to the atmosphere are kept to a minimum. All embalming chemicals are completely destroyed by the cremation process. The resource consent does not allow plastics to be cremated (such as the casket handle mountings), and therefore emissions are kept to a minimum whether you choose eco-friendly funeral options or not.