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Funeral Costs

Rosewood Funeral Home Funeral Costs

Rosewood understands this can be a difficult time for families in terms of the financial burden bereavements can leave.

An account is sent to either a designated family member or a lawyer acting on your behalf approximately seven to ten days after the funeral.  

Payment is required one month after receiving the funeral invoice, if you require additional time to organize funds we do have a finance charge that will be added to the funeral acccount as per the financial agreement signed at the time of making the funeral arrangements. There are grants that some people are eligible to apply for - click here for more information.

A funeral account is made up of 4 areas.

- Professional Services and Embalming

- Casket

- Burial or Cremation 

- Personal Choices

The personal choices are costs paid on your behalf at the time of the funeral. These costs vary depending on your family preferences.  
They may include expenses such as venue hire, celebrant fee, flowers, catering, service sheets, newspaper death notices, memorial books, photographs and other arrangements you may make.

Funerals can range from $3,500 (for a direct cremation) to $15,000
The average funeral is around $9,500

Some charges are influenced by the numbers expected to attend.

For a quote or estimate, or for more information please make an appointment to see one of the staff at Rosewood Funeral Home, who can give you more information about funeral costs and tailor the funeral arrangements to your needs.