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Managing funeral services in the COVID-19 environment

Level 2

New Zealand, Aotearoa is now at level 2 of the Covid-19 Alert Scale.

Since Friday 29 May 2020 funeral services or tangihanga will be able to take place with up to 100 people, without special dispensation from MOH. The funeral director needs to keep a register of those attending for possible future contact tracing, and hygiene and sanitising practises are in place, whether the service is held indoors or outdoors.



The maximum number of people attending will rely on the venue being large enough to satisfy the seating requirements.

Rosewood Chapel will be able to accommodate 100 people with the appropriate measures in place.

The seating is arranged to comply with the guidelines for level 2, and everyone is asked to do their bit to make Rosewood a safe place to gather. Guidelines are posted on the chapel door and in the foyer.

For those unable to be present in person, an on-line streaming service is installed at Rosewood, which provides live streaming to anywhere in the world, as well as a visual and sound recording of the service. The code to see the service can be included in the newspaper notice, as well as provided to family by email to pass on to family and friends.

Churches and other venues will have their own limits for numbers, so careful consideration needs to be given to the choice of venue. 



There will be a pre written invitation list, effectively a  register filled out by the family for every person to be checked off upon entry. It is important that details are recorded clearly for future reference should that be needed. Rosewood can supply the forms for you to write in the names, ph numbers or email addresses of the people you have invited. This really means that every funeral is private, by invitation only. Numbers may increase by government announcement at some point, or when new level 1 arrangements  are announced



After funeral gathering is now possible that includes food and drinks served in the Reception Lounge at Rosewood, or at another venue. If a alternative catering venue is engaged, there may be requirements which that organisation has regarding food and beverage service.



For families who have experienced the limitations of levels 2, 3 and 4, and wish to hold a Memorial Service, it can be arranged in the same way as a funeral service, with appropriate music, photographs, displays and spoken tributes, celebrating your loved ones’ life. The Rosewood staff will be ready to sit down with the family and plan the memorial service, and help with the production of all the things which make the service meaningful.



For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are here to help.

More information may be found on the links below.






If you or any of your family have concerns relating to Covid-19 please call the dedicated Covid-19 Healthline on 0800 358 5453

Please take care and look out for each other so we can minimise the risks of Covid-19 to you and your family.