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Planning the Service

Arranging a funeral

The funeral arrangements can be made at the Funeral Home, or in your own home. These are some points to consider when making decisions.  

When can the funeral be held?

- Consider the possible travel needs of close family and others at a distance, perhaps even overseas.

- Consider those involved in the service as they will need time to prepare.

- Consider those closest to the person who has died.  They will need to think through what is happening and take time to make important decisions.

- When are notices to be placed in the newspapers, allowing public notification of the funeral?  Our staff will help you with this and have access to information about all national daily papers.

Where can the funeral be held?

- Rosewood Chapel may be used for the funeral service and has seating for 150.  An adjoining catering lounge with a private courtyard is also available for the gathering after the funeral.

- We have contacts with all the churches in Masterton and are usually able to arrange to have a funeral service in any one of them.

- Some people prefer to use their own home, farm, community hall, or Marae.

- Rosewood Funeral Home is able to provide a portable sound system for use at a funeral or burial.

Personal Choices

There are many ways of commemorating, celebrating and honouring someone's life.  Some suggestions are listed below.

How can the funeral be more personal?

- Choosing people to speak at the service.

- Choosing your own music.

- Having a reading or song by a friend / family.

- Having photographs or other personal items displayed at the service or catering venue.

- Having a memorial book for people to write their names or messages in.

- Having the person at home with the family for some time.  This may be a short time, or for most of the time between the death and funeral.

- Spending some time at the funeral home with the person who has died and placing items of importance in the casket.

It is helpful to talk about the ways to include family and friends fairly early on, so that the people you choose to participate are able to have enough time to prepare.

The choice between Burial and Cremation

- Is there an existing family plot?

- Did the person who has died express any preference?

- What are the intentions for a memorial?

- How might this choice affect those attending the funeral? (e.g. mobility, distance, etc.)

Options to consider

Service leaflets

These are designed and produced at the Funeral Home on the latest colour printing equipment, enabling the use of colour print & photographs.  Together we can design something special.

Memorial books

Recording the names of those attending for future generations, the funeral service, and specially printed pages providing a valuable source of family information


Taken discreetly at the service with high quality camera with zoom lens, making a visual record for the family, or for those who, for a variety of reasons, may not be able to attend.

Recording the Service

- Audio tape or CD (approximately $30.00).

- Video tape (approximately $350.00) can be arranged at any venue.

- A DVD or PowerPoint option is also available, which shows images of your loved one’s life.

Acknowledgment Cards

Personalized thank you notes with a message of gratitude which reply to the cards, letters, flowers and personal support you may receive from your family and friends.

Any other ideas you have, we are able to assist in making it happen.