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Pre-Arranged Funerals

Pre Arranging a funeral can be as simple or detailed as you wish it to be. Some people simply need to record their choice between burial or cremation, while others would like to record details of music, eulogies, photographs, celebrant or minister, pallbearers, the casket, flowers, newspaper notices, the venue, catering, arrangements and other personal choices appropriate to that person’s life. The financial considerations regarding these arrangements are often important to discuss, and there is the option of pre paying an amount into an approved fund.

David Dew or one of the other members of staff would be able to meet with you to discuss your arrangements at either the office, or your own home.  The notes recorded at any "pre arrangement" are kept securely, and can be amended or updated by you at any time. 

As well as your arrangement wishes, in New Zealand there is information required by Births, Deaths and Marriages to register a death.  As people get older some information gets lost through the generations, and thus it can be very useful to fill in a small form recording your personal information. 

DOWNLOAD a “Personal Information Form” here