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Rosewood Chapel

Rosewood is the chapel at Rosewood Funeral Home.

Built in 2003, it is a modern and spacious purpose built chapel and reception room. The focal point at the front of the chapel, a beautiful fern garden and waterfall, gives Rosewood a feeling of peace and serenity.

Rosewood comfortably seats 150, and has extra space, should it be required extending into the foyer for larger numbers attending. Different seating plans means that it can either be a traditional setting, or a more informal, intimate family gathering.

Music provides both solace and atmosphere at many funerals, and a high quality sound system was one of the top priorities when Rosewood was first built. The grand piano is used for many services at Rosewood, either played by Lynette Dew, or families may wish to provide their own pianist.

The spacious lounge adjoining the chapel is equipped with a commercial kitchen. Rosewood staff cater for your after funeral reception with care and sensitivity.